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Sung-hun Kim  / Representative & Artist

“ With the uniqueness and soft gradients of soil

I started crafting ceramics. The hundreds of glazes

and color variations are the product of constant

experimentation that reveal the texture of the soil to

show its naturalness with subtle colors.

Because the texture, color and depth of the glaze vary depending on the proportion of the mineral.
Clinging to the difference even less than a second 

due to the new results depending on the concentration

and thickness of the flow glaze. I've been in the pottery

for over 20 years, but I'm still nervous before I open

the kiln. So whenever I come across an unknown variable,

I realize pottery is very valuable products so I become

humble again.

- Graduated from Kook-min University, department of ceramics/

    Graduate school graduation from the same school.

- Researcher at Korea Institute of Ceramic Technology.

- Lecturer at Kook-min University / Namseoul University.

Myung-hyun Lee / Ceramic Designer

My main job is to constantly observe and draw the

landscape of daily life and space. And imagine the

vessel to be placed there. Always new inspiration

starts at a different point than my field. I get ideas

from in a classical picture book that I unfolded,

from an alley cafe the first time I’ve been to, and

from favorite music I always listen. Our products

should be new. If it is not new, there is no reason

to make it. However, if it is not good to use, people

never put it out, so I constantly concerned about

practicality within the framework of beauty. Even if

it is only 1mm difference, it is a big difference if you

count the mind of the person who uses.


- Graduated from Kook-min University,

department of ceramics.

In-woong Lee Production 1 Team leader

In his hand, anything broken and broken is born with a

new life. The versatility and accuracy that can not be

missed is also glowing at work.


- Graduated from Kook-min University, department of
   ceramics / Graduate school graduation from the same school.

Ju-hyeong Maeng Production 2 Team leader

Mi Yu Distribution Team leader

Jae-hwan Hyun  A responsible manage

Kang-hyuk Seo   / Manage

Sun - Kyung Yu / Manage

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